Sketch & Paint

This is a standalone program that require no installation and will not store any information on your disk except the images you save.

Download latest version (Windows)

Recent updates

2009-03-13: Cleaned up in panel, minor optimization
2009-03-05: Fade in/out, right-click in modify (arrange, clone)
2009-02-25: Modify function added, change style/move
2009-02-20: Delete function added
2009-02-18: Print function added, fixed minor fade out-bug
2009-02-15: Updated options, colorpicker
2009-02-14: Minor brush updates, fixed bug opening big files
2009-02-12: Optimized undo and added help texts
2009-02-11: Added basic and RGB color palettes

To-do list

• Rotate/scale stroke
• Stroke textures
• Non-destructable file format